We take the care of the bereaved very seriously at St. Gabriel’s. and welcome the opportunity to support a family at this challenging time. All are welcome to have a funeral in church, or for a priest from St. Gabriel’s to officiate at a funeral at the crematorium.

In a funeral service, we commend the person who has died to God’s eternal care and ourselves to God’s compassion.

If you are arranging a funeral for someone you can ask the funeral director to arrange for a priest from St Gabriel’s to take the service, or you might wish to contact us directly. In either case, the priest who will take the service will meet with you to find out about the person who has died and to plan the service with you.

If you would like St Gabriel’s to be involved in the funeral for someone who had a connection here but who did not live in the parish when they died, please contact the Parish Office.

The Church is here to care for you in your grief. If you would like someone to talk to please contact one of the clergy.

At St Gabriel’s we shall pray by name for those who have died for several weeks before and after the funeral, and there is an annual service at All Souls (in November) when we remember before God all who have died in the previous year and those who grieve for them.

You can find out more on the Church of England Funerals site.